Mahadev Chandrashekhar Temple, Kapilash

Mahadev Chandrashekhar Temple, Kapilash

The Kapilash Temple (କପିଳାସ ଶିବ ମନ୍ଦିର) is also known as the Mahadev Chandrashekhar Temple (ଚନ୍ଦ୍ରଶେଖର ମହାଦେବ), located in Dhenkanal, Odisha, India. It is around 26 kilometers from the district headquarters.

On the Way to Kapilash

The elevation of this Shiva temple is 2239 feet above sea level. The main temple towers 60 feet above the ground. The environment is serene and quiet.

Kapilash Mahadev Chandrashekhar Temple, Odisha

There are two ways to get to the temple: one is by ascending 1352 steps, and the other is via passing through Barabanki or by the curving path.

Ghati Roads to Chandra Shekhar Mahadev Temple, Kapilash, Odisha

According to the Kapilash temple inscription, King Narasinghdeva I of the Ganga Dynasty built the temple for Sri Chandrasekhar in 1246 CE.

Inside Kapilash Temple Campus

Aside from the Shiva temple, there are temples dedicated to Devi Parvati, Sri Ganesh, Kartikeya, Lord Vishnu, Sri Ram, and Maa Ganga.

Monkies enjoying at the Kapilash Temple

Lord Jagannath is adored as Parswa Devata there. Aside from the Chandrashekhar temple, there is another Shiva temple in Kapilash: the Lord Vishwanath temple.

The nearby hills of Kapilash Temple

According to mythology, the Viswanath temple is older than the Kapilash Temple, hence it is known as Bhuda Linga.

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